Last Comment Competition



  1. Subject to Change


The terms and conditions for this competition are valid starting the 5th of July 2022. ASAP Autocare reserves the right to prospectively change the terms and conditions at any time.


  1. How to be eligible to enter


To be an eligible entrant to ASAP Autocare’s Facebook compeition you must make a comment on the competition post. Entrants may comment multiple times, Entrants are required to comment a minimum of 1 time to be an eligible contestant.

All eligible entrants must be able to independently transport their vehicle to our workshop at 12/27 Lawrence Drive, Nerang, QLD 4211. ASAP Autocare is not responsible for transporting your vehicle to and from our workshop.


  1. What is the ‘Last Comment’?


The ‘Last Comment’ is the last comment made on our social media post in relation to present time.

For example:
The last comment made before the end date of this competition is deemed the ‘Last Comment’.


A comment is not the ‘Last Comment’ when comments have been sorted in relation to anything other than present time (i.e. sorted by popularity).


  1. Start & End Date


The ‘Last Comment’ competition starts on the 5th of July 2022 at 10:00am AEST. It will end on the 31st of July 2022 at 11:00pm AEST. ASAP Autocare will announce the winner once we have received confirmation from the winning entrant, this will be at a TBA time & date


  1. The Draw


At the end time (11:00pm 31st July 2022 AEST), ASAP Autocare will take a screenshot (with time) of all comments on the post and the last comment will be the winner.


In the case when the winner is contacted and doesn’t respond within 48 hours, ASAP Autocare will contact the next runner up.


If there are no comments on the post there will be no winner and ASAP Autocare will re-run the competition at a TBA date.

By entering into ASAP Autocare’s competition you agree to having your profile shared and announced on our social media pages if you are the winner. ASAP Autocare is not responsible for any outcome that may come from sharing the winner’s profile to ASAP Autocare’s audience.


  1. How will the Winner be notified


Once the winner has been drawn, ASAP Autocare will send a DM to the winning account from the official ASAP Autocare account. The winner will have 48hours to respond and claim their prize.

If the winner does not respond within 48hours ASAP Autocare reserves the right to offer the prize to an eligible runner up. The runner up will be contacted via DM from the official ASAP Autocare account, they will also have 48hours to respond and claim their prize.


  1. How to claim your prize


The winner must reply to ASAP Autocare’s message within 48hours to claim the prize.

If you do no’t respond within this timeframe you will no longer be eligible to claim the prize.

The winner will be asked to provide some Identification and contact details to confirm upon redeeming the prize. ASAP Autocare will not share this information.

The winner will need to make a booking prior to receiving any of your free servicing, this can be done by contacting


Once a booking has been made the winner will be required to transport their vehicle to ASAP Autocare’s workshop at 12/27 Lawrence Drive, Nerang, QLD 4211. 


When the winner has their vehicle of choice at the workshop, the keys for the vehicle will be handed to our reception staff and you will then be contacted by our reception when your vehicle is ready to be picked up.


  1. The Prize


ASAP Autocare is offering 1 year of Free Servicing valued at a total of $500.


This prize is for 1 vehicle only, chosen by the winner. The winner must submit their vehicle registration & VIN # for verification. The winner is eligible to $500 worth of servicing including parts & labour.

A ‘Service’ includes labour and parts arranged by ASAP Autocare. Parts will include Fluids and Filters. Other parts your vehicle may need for a service, will be at ASAP Autocare’s discretion if it is eligible to be included within the $500 worth of value or if it will need to be paid for by the winner.

The 1 year (12 full months) starts from when the winner acknowledges ASAP Autocare’s notification of winning the prize.

In the case where the total value of servicing the vehicle reaches the $500 of value before the 12 full months end, then that will determine the end of the prize & ASAP Autocare’s credit of value. The total amount of servicing cannot exceed the $500 worth of value.


  1. Publication


The winner will be publicly announced on our social media pages upon responding to our notification message. ASAP Autocare will also offer the winner an oversized cheque to represent the prize they have won.


  1. Collection of information


ASAP Autocare needs to collect the entrant’s and winner’s information to;

a) Contact winner/runner ups
b) Verify winner’s identity to correctly offer the prize on offer
c) Verify vehicle’s identification to correctly offer the prize on offer

What information ASAP Autocare needs to collect from the winner;

a) Full Name

b) Mobile Number
c) Email Address
d) Vehicle Registration
e) Vehicle VIN number
f) Vehicle Year, Make, Model

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