Is your engine overheating?

Does your engine feel unnaturally Hot?​

If your engine is feeling really hot, this might be down to a radiator issue. If you have already topped up or replaced your engine coolant and your engine is still hot or above the average temperature line, we suggest you come and see us as soon as possible for a free quote and diagnosis. 

12 Months Workmanship Warranty

When it comes to the replacement parts for your radiator, we only focus on using high-quality brands and materials that are going to last you a long time. This includes the engine coolant, cooling system parts, the inverter coolers, and all of the other parts included in your radiator repair.

Why Is your Radiator So Important?

Your car radiator is an important area of your vehicle. This is what keeps the engine cool. If your radiator has a leak or holes, this will cause your engine to run at extremely high heats. We all know this leads to much bigger car problems in the future. Radiator repair is not too expensive compared to what you might have to pay for a full engine replacement. 

How Quickly Can We Repair Your Radiator?

Depending on the make, model and size of the vehicle we can usually get this fixed within a day. First, we have to find any leaks, holes, or problems with the radiator to ensure we are making a one-time fix. After this, we can begin repairing using high-quality products. Once we have finished repairing your radiator we will top you up with some of our best-branded engine coolants and send you on your way.

Gold Coast Car Radiator & Cooling System Experts

We’re really excited to help you get your radiator repaired. It’s a good job that you decided to get it checked or picked up on this issue when you do, as radiator issues can lead to much bigger and more expensive jobs if left untouched.

Our qualified mechanics have extensive experience in finding and diagnosing radiator repair or replacement issues. We can quickly find the issue and replace it for a cost-effective price. We do all this without voiding your warranty, we hope this gives peace of mind when using our mechanics.

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Who are we?

ASAP Auto Care is a local, family-run car repair workshop on the Gold Coast. Servicing locals for all their Autocare needs for years. 

What do we do?

We specialise in mechanical car repair ranging from brakes, log book service, oil and filter change, battery replacement, radiator repair, air conditioning regas, and much more.

Our mechanics are fully qualified and go above and beyond to give you the best car service Gold Coast.

How can we help?

Radiator repair can be quite confusing so it’s best to take your car to our mechanics and find out what needs to be done.

If anything is faulty or leaky, you may find it causes even bigger problems in the future. Make sure you keep your engine cool with a fully functional radiator. For your convenience, we do have courtesy cars available, or enjoy our modern customer lounge while we attend to your Autocare needs.

Our Services


To Provide Customer Satisfaction

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By listening to our customers, providing the best service at affordable prices, offering fixed pricing with no surprises, having great communication and using quality parts. 

To Offer You Complete Convenience

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Through online bookings, available courtesy cars, arranged pick-up, modern air-conditioned VIP Lounge, refreshments & snacks, kids area, pool table, 75” TV, FREE Wifi, work stations and massage chair!

100% Transparency & Honest Advice

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We also provide photos of faults, old parts available for viewing, vehicle progress updates, easy-to-understand explanations, only suggest what’s needed, qualified license technicians, fully insured, discounts & gifts.